Rooms & Suites

Our concept behind Barli is to take you back in time of the majestic royal Rajputana!

We have joyfully restored our rooms to maximize your 'In-room experience' at Barli.
Well that's not all, each room has its own distinctive character and story to share.
Our suites have a 'homely feeling' to them and are perfect for our guests who value privacy and unobtrusive service.

  • Super Deluxe

    Super Deluxe

    Tastefully designed and elegantly appointed rooms, having their own individual character and furnishings, embody the finest of Rajasthan, offering high levels of comfort coupled with our personalized services.

    It truly reflects every bit of Rajasthan's ethnic culture.

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  • Royal Suite

    Royal Suite

    As the name suggests this suite is fit for a king!

    Grand interiors that enthrall your aesthetic senses. Enjoy luxurious amenities along with stunning views of the countryside from each room.

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